Detox, yoga en horse therapy retraites

Detox in nature retraite

Yoga, horse therapy and plant medicine, 7 days, max 7 participants:

Detox with us and deepen your self awareness. Meditation, yoga, horse therapy, plant medicine (Ayahuasca) and the most beautiful beach hikes that will cleanse the body, clear the mind and open the heart to your inner wisdom.

Full day program with delicious vegan and vegetarian food.

2 retreats every month between April and October 
(7 days / 6 nights)

April: 15 & 30
May: 13 & 28
June: 10 & 25
July : 8 & 23
August: 5 & 20
September: 2, 17, 30
Oktober: 15

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Yoga for riders

6 days, max 7 participants:

In this retreat you can improve your riding trough the study of yoga. You will learn the basic yoga principles and develop and deepen your understanding.

Three out rides in the natural park with the horses.
Horse wisdom workshop
Daily meditation, yoga and beachhikes.
Delicious vegan and vegetarian food.

23 april
21 mei
18 juni
16 juli
13 augustus
10 september
8 oktober

Boeken kan via deze link of stuur ons een bericht.

Namaste, we look forward to having you.
Jim and Claudia